The altOWL Project

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Here is our Roadmap until 2020

  • The altOWL Project

    OCTOBER 2017

    The Altowl app has already been released in alpha, for Desktop (full version) and Mobile (limited functionality)

    The Desktop app has the following screens:
    1) An overview of all your current investments at real time valuations
    2) A single trading screen, integrating all your accounts at major exchanges
    Important safety notice: the app DOES NOT hold your API keys on our server, they remain on the client side, only accessible to yourself
    3) A Curated News Page
    Our teams selects the most up to date and trustworthy news sources for all things related to altcoins
    4) A dedicated discussion forum

  • Adding more exchanges

    Coming Soon in the Q1 of 2018

    Our team isworking fervently to add support for even more exchanges

  • Adding functionality to the android app

    Coming in the first semester of 2018

    The most important functionality we are working on adding is the Trading View

  • iOS app with Trading View

    Coming in the first semester of 2018

  • Major upgrade: social trading

    Coming in the second semester of 2018

    By this time the app will have a substantial usr base. It now becomes feasible and interesting for the users to watch each others' trading strategies. That's what we call "social trading.

  • Continuous improvement and enhancements

    All through 2019

  • Major upgrade:

    a true altowl exchange

    Coming in the second semester of 2020